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My pledged mission of Advocacy

My overall goal to every client, is to provide effective legal services in all the various practice areas of the law. I am trail tested in Criminal and Family law. As your attorney I will aggressively pursue your case in a professional manner. I look forward to the opportunity to represent your. The current criminal justice system does not give proper advocacy to the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" for the defendant to afford a fair opportunity to mitigate the charges against them. Furthermore, I feel that the current criminal justice system is focused more on incarceration instead of rehabilitation of criminals. If an individual is rehabilitated instead of incarcerated they have a greater possibility of becoming a productive member in society.

As your attorney, my goal will be to establish a healthy attorney-client relationship to handle all of your legal needs effectively.

Practicing in a variety of areas in the law: Criminal Law, Civil Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, Probate and Estate Planning, Consumer Law and Real Estate.

Dion A. Craig, Attorney at Law.